Pictured moments from the realm of blossom
Views of the Artist
Every artist can express himself solely in accordance with his soul
It is his soul that yields his identity.

What has always interested me is the combination of what is thought to be incompatible –
whether in fashion, on stage, or in life.

Softness and strength. Motion and stand. Brevity and duration.

To render visible what is invisible.
To make fly what is heavy. To give stability to what is delicate.

In my work, I approach the world of flower.
And it is this realm that is directing me.

There is no blossom which holds still when the wind blows or when I wish so. I leave the picture to develop.

I am neither needed nor wanted in this kingdom. I may only beg to be allowed to enter, to look and to see, to meet the plant at eye level, to enter into a dialogue. I am receiving the present of encounter, the gift of the moment.

I am allowed to surprise and amazement. I may enjoy and retain.
And I may pass on by opening the gate to overwhelming colourfulness, to beauty without intention, to powerful individuality.

The realm of bloom. It is letting us to believe in life. It is teaching us change. It is pointing towards purpose and destination: a motivation to endless growing and striving, becoming and fading, in isolation and in togetherness.

This realm presents itself in simplicity – with neither wishing nor demanding.

And I perceive it, keep hold of that very moment and bring it to light.

This means neither intrusion nor incursion.
It presents a mutual giving and a fortifying escorting.
With respect and gratitude.